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BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH


As a permanent sales partner, BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH establishes a direct link between you and selected German pump manufacturers of high-performance, high-quality industrial pumps. In close co-operation with our partners, we support you free of charge in product selection, enquiry specification and offer clarification and service topics.
Zeilfelder-Pumpen - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Convincing pump technology
for highly viscous media



  • Chemistry

  • Petrochemicals 

  • Bitumen

  • Food industry

Sager+Mack-Pumpen-Filter BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Inspiring pump and filter technology of the highest quality


  • Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps 

  • Submersible centrifugal pumps 

  • Filter units

  • Complete filter stations


  • Agriculture and environmental technology

  • Chemistry and petrochemistry

  • Electroplating, metal industry and shipbuilding

  • Food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Textile and paper industry

STROBL-Pumpen BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Centrifugal pumps for demanding applications



  • Sewage centrifugal pumps

  • Single stage centrifugal pumps

  • Inline centrifugal pumps

  • Self-priming centrifugal pumps

  • Multi-stage centrifugal pumps

  • Drainage pumps

  • Truck mixer pumps

  • customized pump skids


  • Supply and disposal

  • Environmental engineering

  • Cleaning technology

  • Chemistry and petrochemistry

  • Industry & plant engineering

  • Building technology

  • Shipbuilding & vehicle technology

  • Medical technology

  • Food and pharmaceutical industries

WEPUKO-Pumpen BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Powerful pumps and descaling technology


  • High pressure plunger and piston pumps

  • Triplex plunger and piston pumps

  • Pump units for oil & water hydraulics and the process industry

  • Radial piston pumps for oil hydraulics

  • Descaling plants


  • Petrochemicals

  • Metal industry 

  • Power plants

  • Timber industry

  • Plastics industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Food industry

Your pump is important to us

Your contact for industrial pumps

Professional advice in the field of pump technology is pursued at BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH  in a holistic approach.

This includes the recording of the entire task, taking into account all circumstances.


From the point of view of machine and system manufacturers, the requirements for pump technology often have to be considered differently. The right product is only selected at the end of all relevant aspects.


We support you in the selection process and help you to make it as efficient as possible. With our 15 years of experience in the pump sector, we are the right contact at your side.

Contact us today!

Direct sales via pump manufacturer from Germany

You would like to buy one or more new industrial pump(s)?

Then take advantage of our free service.


German pump manufacturers work with BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH as direct representatives of and for industrial pumps.

Therefore, there are no additional costs for you.

Our activities, in sales/field service, are technical advice, support during the ordering and order process, as well as after-sales service.


  • Industry sectors

  • Applications

  • Customers

  • Products 

  • Prices


  • Advisory support from task definition to commissioning

  • Clarification of the initial situation including definition of goals by phone, email, web meeting or on-site appointment




  • Further optimization after commissioning the pump

  • Advice and support for maintenance and repairs

  • Support and documentation in the event of complaints


  • Feedback culture for a continuous improvement process


  • Documentation of the  communication

  • Input and advice on the market situation


Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require further information.  

Unfortunately, we do not have all the documents in English. Please contact us, we will be glad to help. 


BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Luxemburger Str. 124 / AP2515
50939, Cologne

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I am already looking forward to your message!

Alexander Simet - Industriepumpen Vertrieb - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH
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