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Discover the right industrial pump for your application.


BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH and its partner companies serve industrial sectors that use process technology to create their products.

All of these industries use industrial pumps that require technical advice to ensure their optimal use.


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Chemical factory industrial pumps - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Industrial pumps for the chemical industry as well as oil & gas industry

Biological cleaning of industrial pumps - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Process pumps for environmental technology and waste water treatment

Surface technology - industrial pumps - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Pumps and filter technology for electroplating as well as paints and varnishes

Energietechnik -  Industriepumpen - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Process pumps for energy plants and auxiliary processes

Metallindustrie  -Industriepumpen - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Pump technology for the steel industry and other metalworking processes

Hygienische Anlagentechnik  - Industriepumpen - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Hygienic process pumps for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

 Bitumen - Industrial Pumps - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Bitumen pumps for roofing felt production and road construction

Engineering & Anlagenbau  - Industriepumpen - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Process pumps for process plants

Shipbuilding - Industrial Pumps - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Pump technology for shipbuilding

Image Industriepumpen - BRIDGE Industry Consulting GmbH

Pump technology for further applications, e.g. textile industry or mining

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Typical applications for industrial pumps

Chemical industry

Process engineering / Process technology

Pumps are required in various areas of process engineering. This includes distillation, mixing and stirring processes. By conveying chemical media, they take on transfer tasks as well as dosing tasks. Feed pumps and dosing pumps are faced with a wide variety of challenges. The chemical industry often has high requirements in terms of abrasive substances, corrosive media, explosive or environmentally hazardous liquids. In addition to pure chemical resistance, other regulations in the sense of ATEX and/or TA-LUFT must also be observed. High and low temperatures also place special demands on the construction and design of positive displacement and centrifugal pumps. Plant-specific features such as process-related low NPSH values also require a precise examination of the pump design in close consultation with the engineering, production engineer or plant builder. As German manufacturers of specialized, customer and application-specific pump technology, the BRIDGE Industry Consulting pump partners are experts in these topics.

Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals

When it comes to pumping hydrocarbons on and offshore, the petrochemical industry makes extremely high demands and sometimes has its own regulations such as the API regulations for pump manufacturers. Typical transfer tasks are, for example, filling or emptying tank farms, pumping over or feeding a downstream process. But also dosing of additives, chemicals as well as the promotion of residues for recycling or disposal.  Here, too, particular attention is paid to explosion protection according to ATEX and consideration of environmental conditions such as marine suitability

Plastics industry

Polymerisation processes play a major role in the field of chemistry; they form the starting product for many downstream processes. Here, too, toxic media are sometimes used, which have to be pumped either with high or low viscosity. Whether pumping raw materials or plastic melts, each task requires individual pump technology that meets the respective requirements. Both processes for new products and future-oriented recycling processes such as pyrolysis plants are served.

Chemie Indusrie
Biologische Reinigung

Environmental engineering

Water treatment / waste water treatment

Water treatment and wastewater treatment are in many parts similar processes, but water treatment is usually presented as a subsequent process, with wastewater treatment usually being at the end of a process chain.  In most cases, substances are to be separated, impurities removed, or additives added until the desired quality is achieved. In both cases, various options for filtering and promoting the media are available.​ The BRIDGE Industry Consulting Partners have a wide variety of options to meet the respective requirements of the pumps and filters with optimal equipment. In addition to the exact design to meet the desired conveying parameters, other issues are often relevant here, such as chemical resistance, sealing technology, abrasion resistance and energy efficiency. A variety of materials, designs and conveying principles help to achieve the optimal solution in terms of economy and ecological responsibility. Various sewage pumps as well as pumps for pure media are available. The materials range from plastic pumps and cast metals to solid materials made of special stainless steel.

Exhaust air cleaning

The area of exhaust air purification also requires pump technology, mostly in the form of pumps for exhaust air scrubbers, which either supply spray nozzles or lances with the necessary flow rate and delivery pressure, or add chemicals, as well as pump out waste water or circulate it for filtration. The right choice of material is just as important as the appropriate design and selection of the pump technology, e.g. in the form of the impeller geometry. In close cooperation with the respective pump manufacturer, BIRDGE Industry Consulting provides support in the optimal selection and design (e.g. installation position) of the appropriate pump technology.

Recycling industry

Whether chemicals or polluted waste water, BRIDGE Industry Consulting and its pump partners have the right pump technology that meets the demanding tasks of the recycling industry. When supplying and disposing of liquid waste, abrasion, corrosion, high solids content, up to high temperatures and viscosities often lead to requirement profiles that standard pumps cannot meet. Here, individually adapted pump technology is required in close consultation in order to achieve the desired parameters and operational reliability. Durable pump technology pays for itself over the service life, but there is no getting around prior application-specific design. End customers as well as system planners and builders are supported with the specialist know-how of our pump experts.

Graue Oberfläche

Surface technology


Galvanic plant technology and related processes, such as chemical metal deposition, require reliable pumps and filter technology to produce perfect surfaces on metals or plastics (POP).

Paints and varnishes

Paints and varnishes, both solvent-free and with solvents, demand a lot from the right pump technology. Typical topics are gentle conveying, abrasion resistance, explosion protection, dosing accuracy and sealing technology. Even the heating inside the pump can become a crucial point with sensitive media. BRIDGE Industry Consulting supports here with its partners in the area of pump selection as well as in the choice of suitable filter technology for lump-free products and perfect surfaces.


Energy technology

Conventional energy technology

Conventional energy technology cannot do without reliable pump technology. Heat exchangers, dosing units for chemicals, water and wastewater treatment.

Renewable energies

The pump partners of BRIDGE Industry Consulting supply pump technology to numerous projects in the field of renewable technologies. From accumulator and battery technology to waste-to-energy and solar power plants. Robust and reliable pump technology makes it possible to break new ground. By means of intensive consulting and support in pump design, the goals of further establishing these technologies are achieved.


Metal industry

Steel industry

In the steel industry, scale is removed from surfaces by means of high-pressure pumps. Likewise, surfaces are cleaned or prepared for further treatment in pickling plants. A wide variety of media are pumped for this purpose, from oils and greases to chemicals, fresh water and waste water. Since even small failures can lead to high costs, reliable pump technology is an important issue. BRIDGE Industry Consulting helps companies to create suitable solutions for demanding tasks in cooperation with their partners.

Foundry technology

Whether process water or liquid waxes or resins for casting moulds, the pump partners of BRIDGE Industry Consulting serve manufacturers of foundry technology with robust pumps that function under extreme conditions and enable safe operation.

Bierbrauerei Maschine

plant engineering

Medical and pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

In the production of medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic substances, many processes take place that require application-specific pump technology. The requirements range from certain resistance to aggressive chemicals, hygienic surfaces to CIP and SIP capable designs. In addition to the main processes, there are upstream and downstream processes, as well as secondary processes that are important for the overall plant technology but do not require hygienic pumps. Here, too, the pump partners of BRIDGE Industry Consulting supply reliable pump technology.

Food and beverage industry

Food and beverages cannot be produced without suitable pump technology. The sometimes highly viscous media, such as Bobon or sugar mass, meat loaf or fruit pulp, require displacement pumps such as gear or rotary piston pumps. Other processes require the filtration of water or the use of centrifugal pumps, such as the pumping of cleaning agents, waste water or salt water. Selecting the right pump technology is part of the service provided by BRIDGE Industry Consulting in close cooperation with its partners.

Pet food industry

In the animal food industry, many pumps are used for different processes. Highly viscous media, such as molasses or meat waste, are often not easy to pump. Here, expert design of the right pump size and technology is required, as well as robust, reliable pump technology. Many production processes also require the use of other pump technology that has to fulfil equally important tasks. The aim of our services in the pump and filter sector is to ensure trouble-free operation. BRIDGE Industry Consulting works closely with its partners to ensure the success of its customers.

Dach reparieren

Bitumen & construction industry

Bitumen for the construction industry

Bitumen, whether pure or filled, places its own special demands on pump technology. The decisive issues here are temperatures and sealing technology, and of course the reliability of the machines. Bitumen is used in the production of hydrocarbons, roofing felt and in road construction, as well as in numerous special processes. Application-specific gear pumps and centrifugal or rotary lobe pumps require good communication in advance regarding the operating conditions. In particular, bitumen filled with ash, rubber, sand or similar abrasive materials require adapted, robust pumps. BRIDGE Industry Consulting provides support together with its partner companies that manufacture this reliable pump technology. Bitumen werden sowohl in der Produktion Kohlenwasserstoffen, Dachpappe als auch im Straßenbau, sowie in zahlreichen Spezialprozessen verwendet. Anwendungsspezifische Zahnradpumpen und Kreis- oder Drehkolbenpumpen benötigen im Vorfeld gute Kommunikation bzgl. der Einsatzbedingungen. Insbesondere gefüllte Bitumen mit Asche, Gummi, Sand oder ähnlich abrasiven Stoffen verlangen angepasste, robuste Pumpen. BRIDGE Industry Consulting unterstützt hierbei gemeinsam mit seinen Partnerfirmen, die diese zuverlässige Pumpentechnik herstellen.

Bitumen for road construction

Bitumen and bitumen emulsions are an integral part of road construction. Pure bitumen is used, as well as recycled or filled bitumen mixtures. BRIDGE Industry Consulting, together with its pump partners, helps to select the right pump technology.

Engineering tools

Engineering &
plant construction

Plant construction - process technology

In many cases, process technology is directly related to industrial pumps. Whether engineering offices, plant construction, EPC or in-house engineering, corresponding designs for pumps are made everywhere. Here it is advisable to exchange information directly with the manufacturers. This often offers unknown possibilities, new perspectives or optimisation options. The world does not stand still, new possibilities for optimisation are also constantly emerging in pump construction. Innovations in the field of materials and process engineering, as well as further developments in the field of drive and sealing technology, mean that industrial pumps are constantly evolving. A healthy exchange between plant engineering, engineering and pump manufacturers ensures joint progress. BRIDE Industry Consulting is happy to provide support in the mutual mediation and exchange of experience. Together with our partners, we also offer advice and support in the design of suitable pump technology.

Mechanical engineering - engineering

In mechanical engineering, too, there is a need for the design of suitable pumps. Especially in the area of energy efficiency and installation space optimisation, creativity and intensive communication are in demand. Together with the machine builder, BRIRDGE Industry Consulting develops suitable OEM pump technology for optimal performance.

Frachtschiff auf See

Shipbuilding - water engineering

Various types of water are also pumped on industrially used ships. The range extends from treated drinking water to waste water. Cooling water, bilgewater, seawater and boiler water are also pumped. There is specially adapted pump technology for all these different tasks. BRIDGE Industry Consulting and its partners can help you select the right pump for the right water.

Shipbuilding - process pumps

In addition to the various waters, process pumps are also used on board, either for loading and unloading chemical liquids or for dosing chemicals, e.g. for wastewater treatment or exhaust gas scrubbing. The partners of Bridge Industry Consulting help to select the appropriate pump technology.



Further industries

Textile industry

The textile industry uses pump technology in many different areas. Pumps are used, for example, to convey dyes, bleaching agents or detergents. Pumps are also used in the production of textile fibres from plastics, as well as in fibre cross-linking. Due to the wide range of requirements, the types of pumps used are also very different. Good advice is crucial here. Aufgrund der vielfältigen Anfroderungen sind auch die eingesetzten Pumpentypen sehr unterschiedlich. Gute Beratung ist hier entscheidend.

Agricultural technology

Modern agricultural technology cannot do without industrial pump technology. Whether you are a machine or plant manufacturer or a farmer. Pumps are used in the fields of irrigation, wastewater treatment, fertilisation, exhaust air purification, feeding, fodder production and slurry transport. In connection with biogas plants, this extends into the field of energy technology. Many of these areas are covered in agricultural technology by the diverse pump partners of BRIDGE Industry Consulting.

Mining industry

One of the toughest applications for industrial pumps is in mining. Here, special demands are made on gas and dust explosion protection, as well as on robust pump design. The industrial pumps of BRIDGE Industry Consulting's pump partners are used in mining, e.g. in the pumping and treatment of waste water. They are also used in special areas such as fire extinguishing systems, tunnelling machines or building materials production.


Research institutes and their laboratories use industrial pumps in laboratory and pilot plants to further develop process technology. The right pump technology helps to dose or keep media in circulation. Often, controlled pumps are used that deliver the desired quantity or generate the required pressure by means of frequency converters. Specialised pump technology is often required here, which is adapted accordingly with regard to materials or special designs. Intensive communication in advance helps to reach the desired goal quickly.

Washing systems

Whether car wash lines or washing machines for bus or railway technology, as well as industrial washing machines or parts cleaning. Each of these washing systems requires pump technology that is matched to the respective process in terms of corrosion resistance and performance data. Whether conveying or filtering waste water, or processing and dosing. The tasks are as diverse as the required pump technology. BRIDGE Industry Consulting assists in the selection of the appropriate pump technology with the aim of achieving an optimal washing or cleaning result. Special aspects such as energy efficiency, installation space, temperature ranges or e.g. fibre content are taken into account.

Medical technology + pharmaceutical industry

In medical technology, as in the drama industry, hygienic requirements are usually the top priority when selecting suitable pump technology. Medical devices require reliable machines that are often precisely adapted to the characteristics of a system. Medical technology therefore requires special pumps from flexible manufacturers, which is what BRIDGE Industrie Counsulting can offer.

Wood industry

The wood processing industry uses pump technology, for example, in the area of waste water treatment. But also in the dosing of resins or adhesives, such as glue or other binding agents. Cleaning agents or impregnation baths are also pumped. Depending on the viscosity or solids content, different types of pumps are required. BRIDGE Industry Consulting helps machine and plant manufacturers as well as end customers to select the right pump technology.


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