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High pressure piston pumps / triplex pumps

Below you will find an overview of high-pressure piston pumps from the manufacturer WEPUKO Pahnke. Learn more about properties, special features and applications.

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High pressure piston pumps / triplex pumps - overview​​


Tirplex piston pumps, or plunger pumps, are positive displacement pumps.


Pump head with three displacement pistons. The rotary motion is diverted by the crankshaft, working piston and crosshead. Drive unit usually consisting of coupling and gear motor. 


Three pistons, each running at an offset of 120°, displace the medium in the cylinder to the back pressure generated by the downstream system. Intake and exhaust valves on each cylinder control the flow of medium. The necessary power is transferred from the engine, usually translated by a belt drive or gearbox, to the crankshaft, which converts the rotary motion into a linear piston motion.

Power range

Pressure: up to 1500 bar 

Flow rate: 0.5 to 300 m^3/h 

Viscosity: up to 1 - 200 mPas

Temperature: - 196 to + 300 °C

Power: up to 1600 kW 

Solids content: depending on medium

Solids size: media-dependent

Suction height: requires inlet pressure

Heating: electrical, thermal oil, steam, water


High-pressure piston pumps are suitable for pumping clean, low-viscosity media.

They are used as process pumps in process engineering (chemistry), as well as in petrochemistry in the onshore and offshore sector (e.g. for gas drying). The metal industry also uses this pump technology as a descaling pump or for cooling.


Further applications can be found in the CO2 sector for the food industry, but also for carbon capture.

Sealing technology

Stuffing box packing, lip seals


Steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, Duplex, Super Duplex, other special alloys on request

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